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Nathan Peterman threw 5 picks on his first 14 passes after replacing Tyrod Taylor as the Bills' starter


The Nathan Peterman era in Buffalo has begun!

Peterman threw a tipped pick-six on the opening drive of his first game as starting quarterback. Then he decided to do it again, throwing ANOTHER interception on his second drive. The he did it AGAIN. This is certainly an unceremonious start — or it might be perfect, given the circumstances. Tyrod Taylor had never thrown a pick-six during his tenure with the Bills and was benched earlier this week for no particularly good reason, and now Peterman’s out there scoring points for the other team.

Taylor had a QB rating of 91.4 this season for Buffalo and threw three interceptions in nine games. Peterman had three in 20 minutes.

But the rookie didn’t stop there. He’d throw another pass to Casey Hayward — who plays for the Chargers — to set up a 15-yard scoring drive that put the Bills in a 24-7 deficit early in the second quarter. With less than five minutes to play, he ventured into Ryan Fitzpatrick territory with a fifth pick, and now we have to imagine the Bills have become a self-aware parody of themselves.

His day ended at the conclusion of the first half when he was benched at halftime, allowing Taylor to take back his spot as the quarterback for the Bills. It’s probably going to be Taylor’s position for a while now too.