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The Beast Incarnate picks up a phenomenal win

Brock Lesnar and A.J. Styles had a great match, but Lesnar found a way to win.

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A.J. Styles and Brock Lesnar tore the roof down at Survivor Series, but The Beast Incarnate knocked off Styles in this much-anticipated champion-versus-champion bout.

Without much hesitation, Lesnar immediately attacked Styles in the beginning of this match. Lesnar, the Universal Champion, landed multiple combinations and dragged Styles, the WWE Champion, around the ring. Moments later, Lesnar took Styles to Suplex City and threw him out the ring.

At that point, Lesnar was in the driver's seat to pick up the win. Styles tried to fight back, but Lesnar's rare combination of size, strength, and speed overwhelmed The Phenomenal One early on.

However, Styles used his speed to dodge Lesnar's knee strike — and Lesnar hit his knee on the top turnbuckle. Styles noticed that Lesnar was in pain and quickly began to attack his knees.

Styles threw caution to the wind by attempting a Phenomenal forearm, but Lesnar moved out the way and suplexed Styles again. But Styles knocked Lesnar out of the ring and pushed him into the steel steps, which further damaged Lesnar's knee.

Styles and Lesnar went back into the ring, and Styles connected on a springboard 450 splash. Then, Lesnar quickly tried to attempt an F-5, but Styles countered the maneuver and put Lesnar in the Calf Crusher.

However, Lesnar got out of the submission by continuously slamming Styles head on the mat. Later on, Styles connected on the Phenomenal Forearm and pinned Lesnar. But Lesnar kicked out and finally hit Styles with an F-5 to win the match.