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Louisville recruit Brian Bowen can be reinstated after FBI clears him of $100,000 bribe

Bowen was cleared of any wrongdoing and remains enrolled at Louisville.

2017 McDonald's All American Game Photo by David Banks/Getty Images

Five-star incoming freshman Brian Bowen can be reinstated to the Louisville men’s basketball team after being cleared by the FBI, Bowen’s lawyer told the Louisville Courier-Journal on Thursday. Bowen had been suspended by Louisville after an FBI investigation into the program (and other college basketball programs) was made public.

Bowen is still enrolled at the school, though he has not yet been reinstated.

Federal documents from the investigation state that a $100,000 bribe had been paid by an Adidas executive to a player so he would sign with Louisville. However, Bowen’s lawyer, Jason Setchen, has alleged that Bowen had no knowledge of the bribe, which was allegedly paid to Brian Bowen Sr.

"Brian was not aware of any of the alleged activities," Setchen told the Courier-Journal. It is our position that he has not violated any NCAA rules or bylaws. ... It is unfair to Brian or any student-athlete to try and punish them for actions of others who are not in their control."

In the wake of the scandal, Louisville fired head coach Rick Pitino. David Padgett was named the interim coach for the coming season, which beings Nov. 12.

Louisville could reinstate Bowen after he goes through an internal investigation from the school. Louisville has yet to comment on the situation.