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Charles Barkley: Lonzo Ball will never be an All-Star point guard

He might be an All-Star at another position, though? Hmm. [thinking emoji goes here]

Charles Barkley thinks that Lonzo Ball will be a “good player,” but he won’t be an All-Star — not “at the point guard spot,” at least.

Barkley then amends his statement, saying that Ball may be an All-Star because his team is good — presumably at a spot that isn’t point guard, he seems to say. That’s strange. Ball is an elite passer, the one skill that has clearly shown is at an NBA level. Ball could benefit from playing off the ball, but he’s still perfectly adequate as a main ball handler — or, at least, he projects to be.

But hey, Barkley is paid to have takes, and that’s far from his hottest one. Ball is struggling right now, and projecting him as a good player but not an All-Star seems like a reasonable one.

On the plus side: We might get a Barkley-LaVar Ball beef now. You know everyone wants that.