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The Giants were bad and STILL won, plus 7 other things we loved about Week 11 in the NFL

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There was dancing, a 4x100m relay, Brock Osweiler wasn’t happy, and possibly even some pee!

Kansas City Chiefs v New York Giants Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

Another week, another NFL game in which the New York Giants continue to look bad, leading to the eventual demise of Ben McAdoo’s title as head coach. Except this week, they actually won a game while being their typical bad selves — and I mean that in the worst way possible.

After calling for a fake punt on fourth-and-1 that was actually successful early in the game, McAdoo figured, “Why not go for a running back pass inside the red zone?” Because he believes lightning can strike the same place twice.

It ended as well as you might imagine a Shane Vereen pass could go — straight into the hands of the defense:

It was at that point the Chiefs should have made the Giants pay dearly, and yet we still had this terrible back and forth of a game that didn’t feature another touchdown after one early in the second quarter. In fact, the Chiefs never even led at any point.

Those first five weeks of the season when they looked like the best team in football seems like it happened during the Obama presidency — but I digress.

Despite their own efforts to give the game away with things like an unsportsmanlike penalty for headbutting another player, the Giants received their own gifts from the Chiefs, like a Travis Kelce interception and Alex Smith’s second pick of the season.

But once they got the game into overtime at 9-9, Roger Lewis — a guy you’ve probably never heard of until about two seconds ago — came down with one of the best catches from Sunday to put the Giants in position for their game-winning field goal.

McAdoo is like a bad high school student who keeps bringing home Ds and Fs, only to bring home the rare B- to keep his parents content just enough. Though his parents — owner John Mara and general manager Steve Tisch — already gave him that dreaded vote of confidence. They’re gonna kick his ass out of the house sooner or later.

Here’s what else we loved in Week 11.

The Texans prep for a tryout for the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo

Lamar Miller and the Texans celebrated his touchdown against the Cardinals by pretending to be a 4x100m relay race team:

I gotta say — Miller seemed to kinda jog that one out; it’s good he went first and not as the anchor. DeAndre Hopkins, Braxton Miller, and Bruce Ellington made up for it.

But if the Texans are serious about this group celebration business, they have to throw the ultimate twist into this thing like the Steelers would. In Cool Runnings fashion, they should pretend to be a bobsled team next week when they get into the end zone.

I know the Packers did that already. But the continuation of this storyline would be creative. Then they can just continue re-enacting Disney movies in the end zone.

Plus, the Texans’ fans don’t have much to look forward to, if we’re being honest with ourselves. That ended as soon as Deshaun Watson’s knee went bad.

The Ravens, much like the Jets, danced their butts off

“Jets Dance To Anything” was a criminally underrated meme from earlier this month. On Sunday, the Ravens did their own dancing to BlocBoy JB’s “Shoot” in a similar fashion:

Upon first seeing this, I thought of two things:

  1. They could have been reminiscing about Petey Pablo’s “Raise Up.”
  2. My favorite Thanksgiving song of all time that was born last year — the #unameitchallenge.

The Ravens were actually OK in my book last year, before asking for prayers on whether or not they should sign Colin Kaepernick a few months ago, and made this video with the song:

The #unameitchallenge is up there with some of the best holiday songs of all time (though please don’t get it twisted; nothing touches Luther Vandross).

If you aren’t giving the #unameitchallenge multiple spins leading up to Thanksgiving, reconsider how you operate. Please believe I’ll be blasting that on the way to Mr. and Mrs. Lyles’ house on Thursday in anticipation of a wholesome meal.

Sean McDermott benched No. 5, so his replacement threw 5 picks

There has not been a more Kermit Sipping Tea moment in NFL history as there was when Nathan Peterman went out on a football field and threw five interceptions after being named the starter over Tyrod Taylor.

It’s hilarious because that’s one thing Taylor has actually been great about:

I honestly hope Taylor just kept a bottle of Gatorade up to his mouth like Kermit for the entire first half as this disaster was happening. Not only did the Bills get rocked by the Chargers, but they also took a blow to their postseason hopes.

Give Sean McDermott credit though: Peterman was more efficient than Taylor. At least,when it came to the rate at which he was throwing interceptions:

We could have stopped there, but Peterman had to get a couple of more in there, obviously.

To sum up Peterman’s afternoon in one tweet and image:

The last time Peterman had that many picks, he was probably drafting in franchise mode in Madden. This will probably be a game he will try to keep from the grandkids, until they punch the old man’s name up into Google and see everybody talking spicy about him and these dank memes.

Cardale Jones got a laugh out of the Bills

The Bills traded quarterback Cardale Jones this summer to the Chargers. You might have heard or read recently (like, one minute ago) that Bills quarterback Nathan Peterman had a five-interception game.

The Chargers won that game 54-24. While Jones didn’t play, he still felt good:

He should. Because not even Jones would have thrown five interceptions in 14 passes. That man came off the bench and won a national championship.

Brock Osweiler said what most of us think when we see he’s starting a game

You know, the Broncos were so wholesome when Papa John’s seller and part-time quarterback Peyton Manning was still under center yelling, “Omaha!”

Now, we’ve got Brock Osweiler yelling “No! God damn it, no!”

The video is evergreen as long as The Tall Guy is playing quarterback.

Blake Bortles shot a skyhook

Blake Bortles isn’t great at throwing a football, despite his starting status as a quarterback in the National Football League.

Sunday, he actually did something good by trying out Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s famous skyhook to get the ball to Leonard Fournette and avoid a sack. It worked in terms of avoiding the sack, though it didn’t travel too far:

While we can appreciate Bortles’ effort, he’ll never be a Laker. He’s barely a Jaguar.


This is Green Bay Packers defensive tackle Mike Daniels, and that looks like pee:

Before we determine whether or not this is actually pee, I highly recommend all NFL players squad up with the staff on the sideline and find a way to relieve yourself like Dexter McDougle.

Teamwork makes the pee work, or something.

After the game, Daniels denied it was pee. “I sweat a lot down there. Everybody was like, ‘Did you pee your pants?’ No, I did not pee my pants,” Daniels said via ESPN’s Jason Wilde.

OK, man.


Sunday scores

Ravens 23, Packers 0

Patriots 33, Raiders 8

Lions 27, Bears 24

Jaguars 19, Browns 7

Buccaneers 30, Dolphins 20

Vikings 24, Rams 7

Saints 34, Washington 31 (OT)

Giants 12, Chiefs 9 (OT)

Texans 31, Cardinals 21

Chargers 54, Bills 24

Bengals 20, Broncos 17

Eagles 37, Cowboys 9

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