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Tyrod Taylor or Nathan Peterman? The Bills STILL can’t decide for some reason.

Did Sean McDermott watch Peterson play against the Chargers?

NFL: Buffalo Bills-Training Camp Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports

Nathan Peterman’s five-interception performance on Sunday convinced everyone that Tyrod Taylor should be the Bills’ starter again. Everyone, that is, except for Bills head coach Sean McDermott.

“We are still evaluating the QB position and we’ll take it one day at a time right now,” McDermott said Monday via the team’s Twitter account. “I do think heavily about our team in every decision that’s made.”

How is this even still a question?

But McDermott sounds like he’s leaning toward Peterman.

“There are some plays yesterday that I know [Peterman] wants back,” McDermott said Monday. “There were also some plays yesterday that you look at and say 'That's pretty darn good.'“

Those must have been the Peterman’s few passes that weren’t intercepted. It’s a pretty small sample size.

McDermott said after the game that he didn’t regret the decision to start Peterman over Taylor on Sunday. He just regretted the outcome.

The outcome was a 54-24 thrashing at the hands of the Chargers. Peterman was pulled from the game and replaced by Taylor, who had a passing touchdown and added one on the ground. But the game was too far out of hand by that point for Taylor to turn it around.

McDermott said after the game that the decision to start Peterman was “in part about winning now and in part about winning in the future.”

Buffalo was 5-4 and penciled into a playoff spot heading into Sunday’s loss to the Chargers. They’re 5-5 and on the outside looking in for now.

Starting Taylor gives the Bills the best chance to change that. All McDermott has to do is make the right call.

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