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Apparently LeBron James didn't order those Warriors troll decorations last Halloween

Supposedly, LeBron James wasn’t in on the joke.

Remember LeBron James’ annual Halloween Party last season where he had cookies baked in the form of tombstones with Stephen Curry’s and Klay Thompson’s names on them? And remember the 3-1 lead drum?

Well, apparently, none of that was James’ idea, according to former Cleveland Cavalier Dahntay Jones. Instead, Jones told Ryen Russillo, it was the catering company James hired that put the idea together.

"I was at the Halloween party. Usually, [LeBron's] trolls are funny, but that was not from him, that was from the catering company. That’s why he doesn’t speak of it because the catering company put that together,” Jones said on the show. “If you think that LeBron James throws a party and does everything from the cookies to the decorations, then you’re kind of insane, that he has a season to prepare for and he’s party planning as well.”

Seriously? That makes sense from the perspective of James preparing for the NBA season. But still, it’s hard to buy what Jones is selling here.

LeBron James is the king of petty

It isn’t hard to believe that James didn’t take his time to plan out a party in the midst of playing a whole season, but parties are normally thoughts that are crafted months in advance. I’d say the same is likely of James’ party here.

Plus, we already know James is the king of subliminal messaging. He has put out some pretty thoughtful trolls in the past. Who could forget the Ultimate Warrior shirt James wore after the Cavaliers toppled the Warriors in the 2015-16 Finals.

Also, are we just going to forget about the whole Arthur meme troll we’re in the midst of at this very moment?

James is meticulous and has his hands involved in a lot of things. From sneakers to television shows, the future Hall of Famer is always involved in the creative process one way or another. So maybe James didn’t personally bake the cookies himself or play a song on the 3-1 lead drum. But that doesn’t mean he had nothing to do with it.

It’s also weird to talk about this now

Considering the party was a year ago, bringing this up, even as a funny story, seems to be a bit weird. Even if this is true and James didn’t come up with the ideas for the party specifically himself, he hasn’t done anything to exactly make people think the opposite.

It’s fine that Jones is using this as a story, but it almost feels as though he’s trying to shift the narrative away from James for the party. And that feels a bit odd. Either way, this is a funny story. And the party will always be funny, too. So, to whoever put these things together, keep up the great work.