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Jerry Jones dealt another blow in his quest to derail Roger Goodell’s contract

The drama between Jones and the rest of the league continues.

NFL: NFL Owners Meetings Catalina Fragoso-USA TODAY Sports

Things aren’t going Jerry Jones’ way these days. First, his Cowboys dropped a second game in a row against the Eagles on Sunday Night Football. Then the compensation committee denied Jones’ request for all 32 NFL owners to vote to approve the proposed contract extension for commissioner Roger Goodell.

Jones has been publicly at odds with the committee, and specifically chairman Arthur Blank, over this issue. Jones has threatened to sue the league if Goodell receives an extension.

Blank said in the committee’s letter to Jones that he is ignoring facts "to satisfy your personal agenda,” according to ESPN.

Why is Jerry Jones so mad? It depends on who you ask. Jones will say that he simply believes all owners should have a say in Goodell’s extension. But there’s very little question that the six-game suspension currently being served by Ezekiel Elliott is a factor for Jones.

Elliott’s suspension stems from domestic violence allegations raised against him by a former girlfriend in Columbus, Ohio, in July 2016. Goodell issued the six-game suspension after the NFL completed a year-long investigation into the matter. Numerous appeals and court filings later, the 2nd Circuit Court finally ruled that Elliott’s suspension would begin. Elliott dropped his appeal, and he will serve the entire six games.

Elliott was central to the Cowboys’ offensive success last season. Not having him on the field puts the Cowboys at a distinct disadvantage. And Jones blames Goodell.

What will Jones do next? Jones has threatened to sue the league if they move forward with an extension for Goodell. The competition committee fired back, saying the threat “reflects conduct unbefitting an owner and is damaging to the League." That could give the league cause to punish Jones with a fine, suspension or worse.

It’s gotten ugly between Blank and Jones. Blank removed Jones as an ad hoc member of the compensation committee earlier in November. When the Cowboys faced the Falcons in Week 10 in Atlanta, Jones received a chilly welcome. He and Blank did not speak before or after the game.

What will happen with Goodell’s contract? Jones’ posturing does not seem to be slowing things down. Sources told ESPN that the deal is on track to be finalized by the next round of owners meetings that begin on Dec. 13.