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C.J. McCollum told Evan Fournier ‘you’re sweet and soft like the crepes you eat’

C.J.’s got jokes.

C.J. McCollum isn’t just one of the NBA’s premier guards. Apparently, he’s got jokes, too. And in an appearance on The Flagrant Two podcast, McCollum explained one of the jokes he cracked on Evan Fournier, after the two got into an altercation earlier in the season.

"I just felt like he disrespected me by putting his hands on me," McCollum said. "Obviously, I'm not trying to get any fines or anything of that nature and I told him he was sweet. He's French, and I said that, 'you're sweet and soft like those crepes you eat.' "

In the Nov. 15 matchup between the Trail Blazers and Magic, Fournier shoved McCollum, and the two had to be separated after Portland’s guard turned around, talked smack, and proceeded to blow kisses in Fournier’s direction.

The two were assessed double technical fouls. But if McCollum and Fournier have some bad blood brewing, it might be worth saving the Dec. 15 rematch on your calendar.