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Donald Trump’s Twitter attacks on athletes are falling into a predictable, sinister pattern

The attacks on LaVar Ball and Marshawn Lynch show what the president is trying to do.

President Trump Delivers Remarks In The Diplomatic Room Of The White House Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images

The only thing that beats the crassness of the daily Trump tweet that leads to a day of outrage is how predictable his behavior is.

When Marshawn Lynch was shown sitting for the U.S. national anthem and then standing for the Mexican anthem, it was expected that Trump would have something to say about it.

He said something because those who protest police brutality are on the list of his enemies and targets. He used Twitter, a social media platform that has failed to take substantial action against bullying and harassment, because it’s his chosen means of communication. And his opinion was loud and dumb because that’s the pattern that he’s set.

Lynch sitting down was also a topic of conversation early in the morning on Fox and Friends, a show that praises Trump and feeds him talking points. The tweet against Lynch came after the story was on the show, which follows a similar pattern with many of Trump’s tweets.

Trump has gone after Colin Kaepernick, LeBron James, Stephen Curry, Jemele Hill and athletes who have decided to take a knee during the anthem in general. Lynch fits right in with those whom he has a problem with. It’s worth noting that Steve Kerr, Gregg Popovich, and even Eminem have been exempt from his public comments, even though they too have criticized the president and did so much more forcefully and directly than Lynch did.

UPDATE: Trump’s Twitter attacks against Lavar Ball and protesting NFL players continued on Wednesday morning.

This isn’t rocket science. This is the same man who settled a case with the Justice Department over housing discrimination and took out a full-page ad to call for the death of five minority kids who were falsely accused of raping a jogger. He doubled down when the kids were proved innocent by DNA evidence, reasoning that if they weren’t guilty of that particular crime, they had to be guilty of something because “these young men do not exactly have the pasts of angels.”

Trump also endorsed police brutality in July, when he asked police officers not to be too nice with arrested individuals, encouraging officers to hit the head of the arrested on their squad cars. That’s after he claimed that there’s a “war on cops.”

Trump’s attack on Lynch comes right after he called LaVar Ball ungrateful for not thanking him after LiAngelo Ball and two other UCLA players were allowed to leave China after they were arrested for shoplifting. The students were in their hotel on house arrest when Trump mentioned the situation to Chinese president Xi Jinping, but he felt that he was the reason for their freedom and he wanted praise for it.

Before the players returned to the States, he tweeted out asking if they would thank him. This was Trump at his most slimy: After doing something for three black athletes, he demanded that he be thanked immediately. He needed to remind them who was in control. The athletes did thank him. But LaVar played down Trump’s role...and so it was expected that Trump would respond with something crass — which he did when he tweeted that he should have left the boys in jail.

Kerr thinks that LaVar and Trump should stop being covered because they’re “modern life people,” two people seeking attention and getting it.

Ball is at least harmless in the grand scheme. His is a case of junk food. He’s stupid entertainment for the sake of entertainment.

Trump is cruel. He has power and uses it to bully people. Everything he does and says, from the malicious to the unintelligible, is in service to his ego and biases. He stands against certain people because he’s always thought that those people were bad, even if they have committed no crime, and he defends others, calls them fine people and ignores their violence because they praise him.

He attacks his targets publicly, wields the power of the state against private citizens, and tries to influence punishment against them for protesting or speaking out. He has never shown to be anything or think of anyone beyond himself.

Trump Designates North Korea as State Sponsor of Terror During Cabinet Meeting Photo by Kevin Dietsch-Pool/Getty Images

He’s boring. He is so egocentric and lacking even in the appearance of being anything more than the human form of desired attention that he can’t be anything else. Efforts to paint him as a mastermind fell apart when we realized there was no larger plan, no grand scheme — he is an old man who wakes up and tweets out what his friends on TV tell him to.

Our adoration of money and power and linking status to intelligence couldn’t even hide his true self for that long. He’s a man who bases the substance of everything, including himself, on how popular that thing is. The ratings. The attendance. The crowds.

There’s nothing interesting about someone who can’t think beyond himself. There is no depth to someone who is that hollow; someone who has been the same crude and infantile human being for his whole life. Someone who uses his position as the most powerful person in the world to complain about not being thanked by LaVar Ball.

Since everything is ridiculous now, LaVar Ball went on CNN to discuss his refusal to thank Trump. During the interview with Chris Cuomo, Ball asked the host “Why are we even talking about this with all these political matters going on in the world?”

We’re talking about Trump, Ball, and Lynch because the President of the United States likes to spend his time attacking athletes and private citizens. Each day he does another ridiculous thing, attacks a person that he’s expected to attack because he’s known to attack certain types of people, enforces his biases, feeds his ego, and we must all go along and give him the attention he craves. That’s the reality and indictment of our world right now.