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Tom Brady ignored a journalist with a gift. So Marshawn Lynch got a Mexican national team jersey.

A Mexican journalist wanted to give the jersey to Brady as a gesture of goodwill, but Brady ignored him.

A video of a Mexican journalist giving a Mexican national team jersey to Marshawn Lynch went viral on Tuesday. But the jersey wasn’t intended for Lynch initially. It was supposed to go to Tom Brady.

The Patriots had just torched the Raiders in Mexico City, and Francisco Alanis of said he wanted to give Brady the jersey as a gesture of goodwill.

“We just want(ed) to say ‘sorry’ to Brady after his jersey was stolen, and the intention was to give, on behalf of the Mexican fans, the jersey of the national team,” Alanis told SB Nation.

Right around the 4:00 minute mark in the video below, Alanis explains his plan to give Brady the jersey as a gift. But when Alanis approached him, Brady blew him off.

But then Alanis saw Lynch across the field.

“With the knowledge of his protest before the kickoff on the U.S. anthem, and later, the respect he paid to the Mexican anthem, we ran to give him the jersey as well, just to say thank you,” Alanis said.

Lynch was grateful.

Lynch launched into a monologue about how much he loves the Mexican people who live in the East Bay area. He also apparently loves Mexican food. Like so many things Lynch does, this one’s an instant classic.

“What’s up with my amigos? What’s up with my Mex, man? You know what I’m talking about? Hey, we got hella Mex out in the town, bro. They be slidin’ and hella shit. There’s a lot of them in the dubs. They all through the east though. You feel me? I be goin’ go fuck with them and hella shit. They be kicking it with me though! You know what I’m talking about? We hella tacos, we hella enchiladas, we hella quesadillas.”

It was thoughtful of Alanis to try to give Brady a Mexican national team jersey, and it’s a shame Brady brushed him aside. But Lynch seems thrilled about it, and we’re just glad we got to enjoy Lynch’s reaction.