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Coaching searches are stressful, but we can help you manage it!

When your college football program goes hunting for a new coach, there are a few rules you should follow.

Watching your college football team search for a new head coach can be agony. The flow of information is erratic, the accuracy of that information is highly suspect, and everyone involved wants to emerge on the other side looking like things went completely according to plan.

Dan’s an Oregon fan, so he’s got recent experience doing this for the first time. Richard, well, Richard roots for Florida. Richard is VERY well versed in the weird theater that is the coaching search. Richard probably can talk himself into Mike Shanahan, head coach of the Florida Gators, right now if he has to.

And they want to help you navigate silly season, with five simple rules. Most of them amount to “nobody knows or understands anything” but, honestly, that’s a pretty reliable rule most of the time. Beyond that? Trust no source, remember that you need more than just a head coach to win, and deny the existence of the Yakuza if asked.