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Devin Booker swished a 35-foot turnaround 3-pointer to force overtime


The Phoenix Suns had no business playing an overtime in a 113-107 loss against the Milwaukee Bucks, but then Devin Booker did this.

We know how good a shooter Booker is, but oh my goodness that’s almost an impossible shot. Booker is at least 30 feet from the basket, maybe 35, and he turns around with a hand in his face. I can’t even tell you how Booker has enough power to get the ball to the basket, much less swish it.

Here’s another angle.

Phoenix didn’t have a timeout, so they had to inbounds like this and hope Booker bailed them out. The Bucks probably shouldn’t have even let Booker be in position for this shot, though. They led 103-99 with eight seconds left, only to foul Tyler Ulis shooting a three-pointer.

Milwaukee was missing Giannis Antetokounmpo with knee soreness, so Eric Bledsoe — in his return to Phoenix — scored 30 points while Khris Middleton had 40. Booker had 23 points, but his efforts were for naught: He missed another potentially game-winning shot with eight seconds left.