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4 reasons to watch the Giants vs. Washington on Thanksgiving Day

We get to put the poopfest title on pause for a week.

NFL: Washington Redskins at New Orleans Saints Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

The Giants and Washington are playing the Thanksgiving Day finale. It’s the lesser of the three games that are being played, but if there’s a football game on, you’re almost always going to watch.

If you’re having reservations on a game featuring teams that are 2-8 and 4-6 on the season, I can’t blame you. It’s a holiday, and there are other things that you could do with your time, like spending it with family that you may or may not be happy to see.

Here’s why you should watch the game anyway.


If you’re tuning in to this game because you want to see any other player other than Kirk Cousins, I’m going to assume you’re at the very least — some sort of relative. Neither the Giants nor Washington are particularly exciting, but Cousins can pad the box score at times. Thanksgiving night might be one of those times.

The Giants are bad. They still managed to beat the Chiefs last week by a score of 12-9 (lol,) but they’re still terrible. All of the players you’d like to watch on their team — a.k.a Odell Beckham Jr. — are hurt. They’re 2-8.

Ol’ “Kurt” as the team president has been known to call him, might light them up.

Ben McAdoo might do something bad

McAdoo already got the dreaded vote of confidence by Giants owner John Mara and chairman Steve Tisch. Unless the Giants prove to be the best team in the NFL the next five weeks, he can pack it up.

And he kind of has, it seems like. The Giants ran a halfback pass inside the red zone this past Sunday, and it went as well as you would think:

Oh, and while this might have not been able to be overturned, McAdoo didn’t even try to challenge whether this textbook catch by Tavarres King that was ruled incomplete could have counted:

When your receiver comes that close, you gotta toss the red flag out of respect for him.

The Giants have been fortunate that the Browns have been as dreadful as they have this season. Because while they’ve been the worst team this season, the Giants aren’t far behind.

Oh, and his hair is something else.

The NFC playoff picture

This has nothing to do with the Giants, as you might assume.

Washington sits at 4-6, and it is currently 11th in the NFC with the Falcons currently holding the No. 6 seed and final Wild Card spot in the NFC at 6-4. A loss against the Giants, and you can pretty much count Washington out.

It’s already going to be a long shot for Washington, but if you’re really digging for reasons to watch this game, that’s one.

Your annoying family members could be asleep for this one

Did you not get an opportunity to enjoy the early games because your family members were bothering you? Maybe your uncle was talking about how the NFL has gotten “too soft” or “doesn’t have enough defense anymore,” so you missed out on Vikings-Lions.

Or maybe family members from both sides of the family got into a heated debate during Chargers-Cowboys over politics or something that shouldn’t be brought up over Thanksgiving dinner.

Then this is your chance. Either everybody is tired from the (hopefully) good food that has been consumed and has dozed off or has left at this point. Now’s when you fix up some leftovers, grab your favorite beverage, and melt into the couch, even if it’s not the best football on the day.

If none of that applies to you, this game is a great one to take a very late nap to — one that you’ll regret when you can’t sleep later on.

Enjoy the p— Happy Thanksgiving!

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