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Jordan Bell couldn’t stop reminding the Bulls about their cash considerations trade

$3.5 million.

Jordan Bell’s become a rising star among the Warriors, although he could’ve been that with the Bulls. During the NBA draft, the Bulls picked Bell and later traded him to the Warriors for cash considerations worth $3.5 million. Ever since that happened, Bulls fans have been reminding themselves of what could’ve been — as the Bulls stumble through rebuilding mode, Bell’s thriving with the Warriors, enough to get praise from Steve Kerr.

Words of encouragement... Coach Steve Kerr @1jordanbell

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So on Friday, the Warriors hosted the Bulls, and aside from Kerr battling his old team again, there was the “Jordan Bell vs. cash considerations” narrative lingering in the background. Kerr knew that going in, and he decided to troll the Bulls for their draft decision.

And Bell definitely wanted to remind the Bulls of their lost opportunity, because he couldn’t stop doing the money sign:

He even shouted “3.5” after making a big play:

After the game, Bell got one more joke for Chicago:

So yeah, things are not great for Bulls fans! ESPN’s Chris Herring pretty much sums it all up here:

(And he’ll keep playing well.)