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Julio Jones caught a 51-yard TD pass… from WR Mohamed Sanu

When Sanu throws the ball, good things happen.

The Atlanta Falcons’ high-flying offense is typically run through Matt Ryan, but on Sunday, Mohamed Sanu got in on the gunslinging.

Sanu threw a 51-yard touchdown pass to Julio Jones, who was able to cradle it in for a touchdown to give the Falcons a 10-3 lead at home against the Buccaneers. It was a pretty well-thrown ball after Sanu nearly had disaster strike with a bobbled fake handoff to Tevin Coleman:

Of course, it always helps your odds when you’re throwing the football to a receiver like Jones. And when Sanu has thrown the football at the professional level, he’s been perfect.

No, seriously, he’s been perfect:

I can name a few teams who could give Sanu a shot at quarterback, and I’m sure you could too. For now, the Falcons will enjoy his talents at receiver while breaking out the arm every now and then.

Their offense has had its struggles this season, but this play was a reminder of just how much talent is on that side of the ball for Atlanta.