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Julio Jones took a Bucs defender’s ankles for his 2nd TD of the day

This was just brutal.

Julio Jones is clearly fueled up from his Thanksgiving meal and leftovers. He went over 100 yards for the Falcons in the first quarter and a half against the Buccaneers in Atlanta.

After catching a 51-yard throw from Mohamed Sanu, Jones added to his monster first half by breaking the ankles of Ryan Smith while narrowly staying in bounds for a touchdown to make it 17-3 Falcons:

Hold on, let’s get another view of this savagery:

Jones would later make history to end the half:

Jones taking the ankles of Smith is probably still just the second most disrespectful play that he’s made this season.

In their Super Bowl rematch against the Patriots, the Falcons’ lone highlight was Jones being a bully and taking a touchdown out of the hands of Malcolm Butler for a garbage-time score:

Keep disrespecting NFL defenses, Julio. It’s fun to watch, and he somehow keeps finding new ways to do it.