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Eagles execute perfect group bowling celebration after Alshon Jeffery's TD

If you don’t like this, you’re a party pooper.

The Philadelphia Eagles have been the best team in the NFL through the first half of the season, and they’ve been a leader in group celebrations as well.

After an Alshon Jeffery touchdown toward the end of the first half against the Bears to go up 24-0, Jeffery used his 10 other offensive teammates to do a bowling celebration:

Group celebrations have included a handful of members of the offense this year, but it’s been rare for us to see an entire offense involved.

This one was also just amazing. The most simple celebrations like this one are also the most fun.

The Eagles have also played baseball, where Torrey Smith hit a home run, and then weeks later, Alshon Jeffery got beaned with a pitch.

You can be a fan of your respective teams, but we can all be fans of the Eagles and their group celebrations. The creativity is fun and refreshing.

NFL celebrations can be fun again this season!