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The Bears are stuck in Philadelphia because their plane broke down

It’s been a bad day for the Bears.

NFL: Chicago Bears at Philadelphia Eagles James Lang-USA TODAY Sports

It’s bad enough that the Bears lost 31-3 to the Eagles on Sunday. But then the whole team got stuck in Philadelphia because its plane broke down.

The Bears had to wait for a new plane to arrive. In the meantime, they were just sitting on the tarmac, according to NBC Sports’ Derrick Gunn.

They finally got a functional plane and were able to get off the ground.

This isn’t the only plane that was broken for the Bears today. The team didn’t get in the end zone once against the Eagles. Mitchell Trubisky went 17 of 33 for 134 yards and two interceptions. Chicago managed just 6 net yards on the ground.

Guard Kyle Long tried to look on the bright side.

And at least he had snacks.

Fans had plenty of jokes about the situation.

Seriously, is this the Bears’ plane?

A broken-down plane is just more bad news for the Bears.