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Doug Pederson cracked up about Carson Wentz’s ‘premature explosion’ and honestly, so did we

We are all Doug Pederson.

If you were giving a press conference and someone asked you about a “premature explosion” while you were at the podium, you would laugh. So who can blame Doug Pederson for losing it when a reporter did exactly that on Monday?

Pederson was asked if we’re seeing a “premature explosion” from second-year quarterback Carson Wentz. And he couldn’t stop laughing.

He needed a minute to pull himself together.

“Let’s regroup here,” Pederson said.

But then he immediately started cracking up again, and he still needed more time before he could answer the question.

You could definitely say that Wentz has exploded this season. He’s already thrown for a league-leading 28 touchdowns in his second year, compared to 16 over his entire rookie season. And he’s got just five picks, so he’s on pace for fewer than the 14 he threw last year.

But is it a premature explosion?

I can’t answer that. I’m laughing too hard.