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Texans QB Tom Savage walked out of his postgame presser because no one was there to ask a question

Three seconds at the podium and Savage was out of there.

Houston Texans quarterback Tom Savage had plenty of reason to be frustrated with his performance in a 23-16 loss to the Baltimore Ravens.

It looked like he was annoyed at his postgame presser, which was just three seconds of him standing at the podium, taking a deep breath, and the turning and walking out of the room.

According to reporters, it was because no one was there to ask a question:

But it’d be understandable if the quarterback wasn’t ready to patiently wait for reporters.

In the fourth quarter of the loss, with two chances to drive the field and get the Texans back in the game, Savage fumbled and threw an interception.

He was honest about how he felt afterward:

The pair of turnovers locked up the win for the Ravens and dropped Savage’s record to 2-5 as a starter for the Texans. He threw for 252 yards Monday, but had no touchdowns and two interceptions.