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LaVar Ball still thinks Lonzo Ball is better than Stephen Curry

Steph could win 10 MVPs and his opinion wouldn’t change.

Stephen Curry is probably the greatest shooter in NBA history. On top of that, he’s a two-time NBA champion, a two-time MVP — even winning one unanimously while leading a team to the most regular season wins in NBA history.

But LaVar Ball says he still doesn’t believe that he’s better than Lonzo Ball.

He won’t stop. The Big Baller knows how to pump his son up and he knows how to give a great soundbite. Before the reporter could even fire her question off, he had his answer ready.

He wasn’t done there. When the reporter offered some of Curry’s credentials like, oh, I don’t know, two MVP trophies, Ball didn’t care.

“He could be a 10 time MVP. I still don’t think he better than my son,” he said.

This stems from LaVar Ball saying his son was better than Stephen Curry while Lonzo Ball was still playing at UCLA last season. Does LaVar Ball actually mean this? I honestly don’t know, but it’s still pretty funny.

And honestly? What else did we expect. We know he’s doing nothing but branding and pumping up his son as much as he can. There’s nothing wrong with doing that, even if it gets a bit annoying at times.

If we’re really tired of it? We’ll stop asking him these questions. But we all know that isn’t happening anytime soon.