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The B Sides: Melo explained why he screams so much and 7 more reasons to love the NBA this week

The bonus tracks, the other side, the things that make you really love the NBA.

NBA: Oklahoma City Thunder at Minnesota Timberwolves Bruce Kluckhohn-USA TODAY Sports

Hello and welcome to B-Sides where we look back all that other stuff we loved about the NBA this week. No need to dance around the issue. Let’s just get to it. Here are eight bonus tracks from this week in the league.

1. Melo explained yelling “Get the f*** outta here!” while he grabs rebounds

The video below is slightly NSFW if you’re reading this at your desk, which I suspect you are:

Melo has actually been known to holler quite a bit while on the court, so Fred Katz of the Norman Transcript asked him about it:

I’ve been doing it for a long time. I think now it’s just coming with the whole mindset thing, focus, the motivation to wanna get that ... just kind of motivating myself.”

But the real story:

I love rebounding. Even though my numbers are down right now, I love rebounding. I love rebounding the basketball. It’s actually fun, playing with somebody like Steve who loves to rebound, Russ who steals rebounds. Ya know it makes it fun.

So Melo is screaming “Get the f*** outta here” to Russ and Steven Adams in the best way possible. Here for it.

2. Josh Hart finally got his high-five

When the Lakers beat the Wizards last week, they posted a photo of rookie Josh Hart needing a high-five so badly and nobody giving it to him. Hart owned it, posting it himself on Twitter:

But on Tuesday, Hart was redeemed, thanks to the kind heart of Kentavious Caldwell-Pope:

3. Gordon Hayward’s daughters are still adorable

We have our first recurring member of B-Sides: Gordon Hayward’s daughters being the cutest thing on this round Earth while he recovers from his injury:

4. These Nike Classic jerseys

Part of Nike’s takeover of the NBA is giving eight teams “Classic” jerseys. Of the eight, we’ve already seen the Lakers, Warriors, and Bucks on the court, and they’re honestly so pretty. Swipe through this galley to enjoy them:

You’re welcome.

5. Kyle Kuzma’s Joker-themed shoes

There was too much Halloween to include it all in B-Sides this week (check the best costumes out here), but if you thought Kyle Kuzma could wear Kobe’s with some Heath Ledger Dark Knight quotes on them and they weren’t making it into B-Sides, you’re out of your mind.

6. LeBron’s new carpool karaoke show:

I would listen to LeBron talk about wine, his favorite TV shows, even that game of basketball if he wants. The dude is just brilliant.

But my favorite part of his appearance on James Corden’s Carpool Karaoke was LeBron saying, with the most smug look on his face, if he texts Jay-Z, Jay-Z will text him right back. I’m sure this is absolutely true.

And if that wasn’t enough, Ice Cube randomly showed up to sing "It Was a Good Day."

7. Nikola Vucevic with the best tweet:

I’m not over Terrence Ross’ face in this photo.

8. Chandler Parson’s mom is still the 100 emoji

There’s a good chance Chandler’s mom becomes a regular on B-Sides, so it’s important you know the history.

Flashback to last year when Chandler showed us this text from his mom:

OK, now back to present time.

1. Parsons’ parents for some reason got him an iPhone X but wrote it on a Post-it note on a Tazo tea box:

2. His mom getting her own version of buckets:

My favorite Photo of the Week

This is two weeks in a row James Harden has won best picture. If he wins again, this section will just turn into “My Favorite James Harden Photo of the Week.”

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See you next week. Send your B-Sides, friends.