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LIMITED UPSIDE PODCAST: Cavaliers fans are trying not to panic. Should they be?

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We check in with our Cleveland friends to see if they’re sweating the Cavaliers’ awful start as much as we are.

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How much should we be worried about the Cavaliers’ 3-5 start, featuring the league’s worst defense and double-digit losses to the Magic, Knicks, Pelicans, and Pacers? We brought back Chris Manning from SB Nation’s Cavaliers site, Fear the Sword, and Eric Jackman, producer of the MMA Hour and a huge Cavaliers fan, to find out how much Cleveland followers are freaking out.

Among the topics discussed:

  • What’s the panic level out of 10?
  • Is the problem here that the team doesn’t care until the playoffs, or are there deeper issues?
  • Are we taking for granted that the team has overhauled its roster? Is this just a bad roster?
  • Why has LeBron been pretty chill about this?
  • How much do they miss Kyrie Irving? Did we perhaps underrate his ability to create offense from nothing?
  • The defense can’t stay this bad forever, right?
  • Let’s have that awkward conversation about Dwyane Wade. He’s playing terribly, disrupted chemistry with his initial move to the starting lineup, and is getting old. Does he merit the benefit of the doubt?
  • We’ve obviously seen the Cavs struggle for large periods of time, so what should give up hope that they’ll turn it around this time? Is it really just about LeBron? Should we be giving the team more of the benefit of the doubt?
  • If you’re Tyronn Lue, what is your first area of focus to turn this around?
  • A plea not to trade the Nets’ first-round pick for immediate help, lest the team repeats the mistakes of the Jiri Welsch trade from long ago.

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