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The 7 best moments from Drake’s call of the Raptors-Hornets game

“I’m activated, boys.”

Drake might be the most famous NBA fan in the world. He can also sometimes be pretty funny. We know that from his hilarious, yet awkward, performance at this summer’s first annual NBA awards show.

And his first play-by-play performance didn’t go much differently. Drake sat down next to Raptors play-by-play men Matt Devlin and Leo Rautins. Let me tell you, it was every bit as funny as it was awkward.

Drake must have been feeling good. First of all, I’m not sure he’s ever had this strong of a Canadian accent in his life. Second, he called the game through the entire fourth quarter. This was fun.

Here are the best moments.

Kyle Lowry’s postgame interview

Lowry dropped a season-high 36 points and played his best game of the year with Drake in the building. What was his motivation? Drake’s singing on Instagram.

Drake: “So Kyle, you had 36, five, and six tonight. I just want to know, what prompts a performance like that? Season high.”

Lowry: “I watch a lot of Instagram. And I seen you singing last night, so. That kind of helped me out a little bit. I didn’t know you could sing still.“

Drake: “Ah, thank you. Very nice of you.”

Yes, very nice, indeed.

Drake poking fun at Jeremy Lamb’s tattoo

The Raptors have struggled in third quarters so far this season. Devlin asked Drake what the answer was to their struggles. Apparently, according to Drake, the answer is mapped out on Jeremy Lamb’s leg tattoo.

“I feel like Jeremy Lamb has the answers to the third quarter woes tattooed on his right leg. It’s cryptic. It’s cryptic,” Drake said. “It’s drawing me in, boys. I don’t know. Something about it. What is that? What do you ask for when you get that? Give me the Da Vinci Code.”

What does it even look like?


Drake figured out what Lamb’s tattoo actually was.

Later in the fourth quarter, he finally figured it out.

“Jeremy Lamb has Michael Jordan’s thoughts on his leg. I just realized it. It’s Michael Jordan’s thought pattern,” Drake said.

Fred Van Vleet has a new nickname

“My boy Freddie Van Fleek,” Drake said.

OK. Let’s go with that.

Apparently, some people think Drake and Van Vleet look alike — according to Drake.

That’s not Fred Van Vleet...that’s me

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Chicago Bulls v Toronto Raptors Photo by Vaughn Ridley/Getty Images

.... wait a minute.

OK. I see it.

When he heard his own song being played in the arena

This is like being on the dance cam but times 10. Honestly, I wouldn’t know how to react. Apparently Drake didn’t either.

A weird moment with Frank Kaminsky

Apparently, at some point, Frank Kaminsky was giving Drake a weird look. The hip hop mogul was just trying to figure out what was going on.

“Frank Kaminsky is looking at me a little weird. I don’t know if we have history, but,” he said.

Do they have a history? I have no clue. But what I do know is that this awkward rendition of Drake’s “Know Yourself” from Kaminsky is priceless.

Drake taking a bathroom break in the middle of the broadcast

Because everybody’s got to go. Drake was subtle with it, though. He eased into it.

Drake: What do you guys do when you have to go to the bathroom on the show? I’m so curious. What do you do? What’s the strategy?

Rautins: Grit. Barren.

Drake: I respect it so much. My respect for you has grown tonight.

Devlin: You alright over there?

Drake: I’m going to take my headset off for this whistle. I’m going to go to the bathroom. I’ll be back through.


Shoutout to the boy for always keeping it a buck. That’s how you get out of a sticky situation. And, of course, he came back to end the broadcast because he’s a true professional.

This was fun. Drake should actually quit rapping and do this full-time. No, in fact, the NBA should just pay him to make league-wide appearances to do play-by-play. The games are already entertaining, but this would make them so much better.

You can watch the entire video here.