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Washington had 13 players lined up for one play against the Cowboys. Really.

That’s not legal.

Washington’s defense has had some trouble stopping the Cowboys’ offense on Thursday night, and eventually it tried to get an advantage.

On a second-and-13 from the Washington 20, Jay Gruden’s team had 13 guys on the field. They didn’t have two trying to run off the field either, they had two whole extra players lined up ready to play:

It looks so natural, so let’s count these bad boys out:

It’s not uncommon for a team to accidentally have a 12th man running off of the field, but you never see two whole extra players lined up and ready to play like it’s nothing. Somebody usually notices it and at least tries to run off the field.

Dallas would end up scoring a touchdown three plays later to make it a 31-14 game.

Next time, Washington should make sure they’re on the same page and keep 11 guys on the field.