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This ref proved it's possible to tackle Nick Chubb, but he paid the price


The Georgia Bulldogs won their first game as the newly anointed No. 1 team in the country on Saturday with a 24-10 win against South Carolina. Nick Chubb sealed the game running the clock out.

But he also clocked the referee on one of his final runs, who actually made a pretty nice tackle.

The referee was fine, but that’s a man you don’t want to be in front of without shoulder pads when he’s running at full speed.

Chubb came back to UGA because of Georgia Tech’s celebration in Athens. He had 102 yards against South Carolina, adding to his 765 yards gained in their previous eight games.

This season, he’s been running like a man on a mission. Unfortunately for this official, he knows that all too well.

Eventually he’s going to get his chance to get back at Georgia Tech. The official was just part of his warm up.