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It's not a surprise JuJu Smith-Schuster found the nearest exercise bike while back at USC

Bikes are part of the brand nowadays.

The Pittsburgh Steelers are on a bye this week, giving JuJu Smith-Schuster time to check in on his alma mater, USC.

Smith-Schuster was in Los Angeles as the Trojans took on Arizona, and found the most appropriate way to take in the game — on a bike:

Smith-Schuster had his bike stolen last week, which is his main form of transportation. He doesn’t have a driver’s license, and was forced to walk to practice for a day.

Luckily for the rookie, he was able to have his bike returned after the most extensive search for a bicycle in the history of planet Earth.

Even Antonio Brown was pulling out all the stops to find the wheels:

JuJu was really sad before they found it:

Smith-Schuster’s really embraced the whole bike thing. He even celebrated by putting a chain on an exercise bike last week against the Lions.

There’s no telling how long this is going to last, but between his good play on the field and his love for his bike, the brand is strong.