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Jameis Winston tried to motivate the Bucs before Saints game by eating a W ... with his hand


Jameis Winston is the king of pump-up speeches, but this might be his most interesting one yet.

In an attempt to hype up his teammates before their game against the Saints on Sunday, Winston comically sucked on his fingers, and then held them up in a “W”. He told his teammates, “That’s a W! Let’s eat one!”

Look at that savory W!

Golden Tate is clearly not a fan, when prompted to retweet if “this isn’t your quarterback”:

The Buccaneers are now 2-6 on the season after losing to the Saints on Sunday, so they might be more hungry than other teams for a W.

This has to be up there with some of Winston’s best pump-up work. The other great one that comes to mind is when he told Florida State they were dogs, and not puppies:

Winston should just become a motivational speaker one day. Even if you’re laughing at the message that’s being delivered while he’s sucking on his fingers, he’s got your attention.