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Jay Ajayi’s first TD with the Eagles was a perfect example of why they traded for him

Eagles fans should warm up well Ajayi after this one.

After being traded from the Miami Dolphins to the Philadelphia Eagles prior to the trade deadline earlier this week, Jay Ajayi is already making a difference.

In his first game with the Eagles, Ajayi got his first touchdown on the season with just his fifth carry on the Eagles.

That was a 46-yard beauty by Ajayi, who was swapped for a fourth-round pick. He’s a nice addition to the Eagles’ backfield, where LeGarrette Blount has had a good season himself thus far.

The Eagles had an easy first half against the Broncos with a 31-9 lead and continue to look like the best team in the NFL.

With the added weapon of Ajayi, Sunday’s showing by Philly should only strike more fear in the rest of the 31 teams across the league.