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Mike Nugent banks in a PAT off the upright for the Cowboys with a loud BOOM

The PAT was good!

The Cowboys took a 7-0 lead over the Chiefs at home on Sunday with a pretty 6-yard pass from Dak Prescott to Cole Beasley. But the best thing about the score was the way Mike Nugent banked in the PAT off of the upright with a delightful BOOM.

Nugent couldn’t pull this off again if he tried. He drills the inside of the upright at the perfect spot.

Nugent signed with the Cowboys after Dan Bailey went down with a groin injury. Bailey was ruled out during the Cowboys’ Week 7 win over the 49ers and had to be replaced by strong safety Jeff Heath, the team’s emergency kicker. Heath banked a loud one in off the upright against the Niners, too.

The PAT was good, and so was that sound it made going through.