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Washington intercepts Seahawks 2-point conversion and returns it 83 yards for 0 points

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There were even some laterals on this fun, silly play that didn’t matter at all.

The Seattle Seahawks’ attempt to tie a Week 9 game against Washington with a two-point conversion was unsuccessful.

Russell Wilson’s throw on the conversion attempt was intercepted by Washington defensive back D.J. Swearinger and hilarity ensued.

It’s a low-scoring game in Seattle with Washington leading 10-8 after the unsuccessful try. So the opportunity for Washington to get two points of their own after the interception was actually pretty significant.

Swearinger gave it his best effort, even pitching it to Josh Norman, who tossed it back to Swearinger, but he just ran out of real estate to work with.

For the Seahawks, there’s still time to win, but maybe they should stop running that play. It looks a lot like the one that was intercepted by Malcolm Butler in the Super Bowl and a lot like an interception earlier in the game Sunday.

I know there’s no more Marshawn Lynch to hand it to, Seahawks, but clearly you should STOP RUNNING THAT PLAY.