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Dolphins’ field conditions are terrible after Virginia Tech-Miami played on it the night before

This does not look like an ideal playing surface.

The Dolphins have had the field at Hard Rock Stadium resurfaced four times since preseason began. This current playing surface went in on Oct. 26, and it’s already a mess.

The team upgraded the field after their Week 7 win over the Jets. But they may need to work on it again. The Miami Hurricanes also play in Hard Rock Stadium. They beat Virginia Tech there last night 28-10, and that’s why the field is torn up tonight.

The NFL certified the field as safe before that Jets game, Michelle Tafoya said on the Sunday Night Football broadcast. They would have had to do the same for tonight’s game, also. The Dolphins resurfaced it because they said it was beneath their standards. It will be interesting to see if the team does any work on the field after this week’s game.