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There are no words for Ben McAdoo's halftime speech, literally no words.

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It was as stirring as the rest of the Giants' effort on Sunday.

NFL: Los Angeles Rams at New York Giants TODAY Sports

What does a head coach say to his team in the locker room when they’re down 27-10 at halftime?

Probably a good mix of admonishment and encouragement, peppered with some ideas about how to adjust the game plan to rally in the second half. Not Giants coach Ben McAdoo. He’s got a way more compelling halftime approach that will leave you ... speechless.

Ben McAdoo staring blankly into the void might be the perfect halftime speech for Team Camus in the existentialist flag football league, but it didn’t have much impact on the Giants. They got blanked 21-0 in the third quarter. And by the time the final whistle blew, that 17-point halftime deficit seemed downright quaint compared to the 51-17 drubbing they suffered.

Hard to believe the Giants only have one more win than the Browns with such inspired leadership.