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Raiders OT Marshall Newhouse picked up a fumble and ran. It was glorious.

This play didn’t go Oakland’s way, but it was a thing of beauty anyway.

The Raiders turned the ball over in the fourth quarter of their Sunday Night Football tilt against the Dolphins. It was a double fumble, and tackle Marshall Newhouse lost the second one.

Derek Carr was sacked on third-and-14 and lost the ball. Luckily for Carr, Newhouse recovered.

Newhouse rumbles for a few yards and gets taken down at the legs. It’s really something to see 319 pounds of man flying through the air. But Newhouse loses the ball in the process.

Here’s a closer look.

Poor Newhouse.

The Dolphins recovered that time, and they took over at their own 48. It was a lucky break for the Dolphins, who trail the Raiders 20-16.