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Packers somehow ran the kicking unit on for a field goal in less than 10 seconds

Look at this f****** fire drill!

A pass across the middle of the field with time running out and no timeouts left is usually a bad idea, but apparently the Green Bay Packers have a special teams unit that knows exactly what it’s doing and can bail out those kinds of decisions.

When Brett Hundley completed a pass across the middle to Davante Adams, it left the Packers with a fourth down and just 10 seconds to run the kicking unit onto the field before halftime.

Nine seconds later, they got the snap off and Mason Crosby nailed a 35-yard field goal.

The Packers are going to need a whole lot more on offense to dig their way out of a 14-3 hole in the second half, but kudos to Green Bay special teams coordinator Ron Zook for having the team ready enough to avoid a zero on the scoreboard.