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LeBron James may not understand memes

LeBron thinks the Arthur meme means he’s happy. So we guessed what he thinks other memes are about.

On Monday night, Kyrie Irving torched the Hawks in a victory. Then LeBron James posted a meme on Instagram. The two could be unrelated but it didn’t stop NBA Twitter from asking the important questions. Is LeBron angry at Kyrie? Is he mad at the Cavs, who lost to Atlanta just a day before by two points? It could be nothing, but it could also be everything.

LeBron provided some clarity on Tuesday when he posted a new Instagram photo. That Arthur meme with the clenched fist typically means that the person posting the photo is mad. But for LeBron, that just shows that he’s pumped up. People clench their fist to bask in their immediate success, so it’s not a stretch for LeBron to imply that.

Mood Forever.... #StriveForGreatness

A post shared by LeBron James (@kingjames) on

But others don’t interpret memes the same way as LeBron. For LeBron, memes are a bit more literal than the average user browsing Twitter or Instagram. So, because of that, let’s view popular memes through the eyes of an NBA star who recently put up a 57-point game in a win against the Wizards.

Kermit the Frog drinking tea

The Kermit meme is the best. It’s an excellent way to say “hell yes I was right” while still maintaining a sense of humility because you’re not going all the way and bragging about it. You keep your cool over something you cared about but not enough to get heated over it.

If LeBron posted this one on his Instagram, of course everyone would come to the conclusion that he was right about something. Is LeBron gloating about a decision the Cavs made during the game that could have gone better if they had listened to him? Maybe this is something about LeBron and the Cavs’ front office. Is he reacting to the recent Eric Bledsoe trade?

Nah. He’s just thirsty.

At most, LeBron could be under the weather or he could have a sore throat. Nothing like some tea to feel better. Here’s what it would look like if LeBron posted Kermit on Instagram:

I identify with LeBron in this fake Instagram post. Staying hydrated, whether its a hot or ice-cold beverage, is literally my forever mood and I hope it’s yours too. Otherwise I probably wouldn’t be here explaining the intricacies of this Kermit meme according to LeBron. Don’t forget to drink a lot of water today, folks.

Mr. Krabs

Have you ever sat down on a couch or on your bed for a ridiculously long time and then have gotten up way too fast that the room starts spinning and it takes you a few seconds for the blood to rush to your head? I, a blogger, have experienced this a lot but I could never quite describe that feeling. But I think thanks to LeBron, I can repurpose the Mr. Krabs meme to illustrate just that.

Crying Jordan

Have you used the Crying Jordan meme to make fun of someone who just picked up an L? The face swap is so much much fun to do, and totally doesn’t cost a thing to make. Well, LeBron probably hasn’t.

He would probably post the Crying Jordan as a way to express that he’s eaten something super spicy and the tears are flowing in a warm but really painful embrace. There’s nothing like a salsa that is as punishing as it is delicious, so much that you have to post about it on social media.