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Eagles tackle Lane Johnson gave a clinic on how to block Von Miller

NFL: Washington Redskins at Philadelphia Eagles Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

The best part of having a platform after playing is being able to teach about offensive line play. It’s a position that’s vastly misunderstood, and with the rise of social media, it’s gotten more of a spotlight. So when I see a play like the one below, I love making a video and writing about it.

Here, Eagles right tackle Lane Johnson flips Von Miller into tomorrow. While the finish is outstanding (aided by the spin), this is a good chance to explain the why of the block.

This play is a designed draw run, with an obvious option for Carson Wentz to throw it outside. Wentz throws it outside for a short gain, when in fact running the ball might have gained more yards.

The goal of the blocking upfront is getting the pass rusher to rush up field, and then stop them from retracing back towards the play. One way to force the defender up field is clubbing them by. This technique works best at tackle and it shows here. Check out the video below for more.