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Kyrie Irving showed his NBA-best handles by dribbling through entire Lakers team

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When Irving gets like this, you better watch out.

Kyrie Irving dribbled through the entire Lakers defense — in a couple of spots, it looked like he literally went through them — and scored, somehow, on this absurd video game-esque play.

Somehow, this turned into a layup, about four seconds later.

Irving has been an absolute wizard — on the ESPN broadcast, Mike Breen briefly tried to convince Mark Jackson that his handles were even better than last year. On moments like this, you see what he’s talking about. So much of the team’s offense falls onto him after Gordon Hayward’s first game injury, but he has taken it all in stride. This man could end up having a legitimate MVP case if he keeps soaring like he has on what will probably be the Eastern Conference’s best team.

Irving will do things like this, too.

And even his passes look crisper.

Irving is magical with the ball in his hands, and when he’s on, it’s scary.