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Jimmy Garoppolo knows he's got to fix the ‘Sam Bradford look going on’ with his sleeves

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Garoppolo hasn’t been in San Francisco long enough to get his jersey tailored to fit properly.

Jimmy Garoppolo landed with the 49ers on Monday. When Sunday’s game against the Cardinals rolled around, he hadn’t been with the 49ers long enough to get a jersey that fits him properly.

“I’ve got a Sam Bradford look going on right here,” Garoppolo said.

Garoppolo’s new head coach, Kyle Shanahan, was mic’d up for the game. He had some thoughts on Garoppolo’s game day look.

“You look good in that uniform, man. Glad to have you out here today,” Shanahan says to his new quarterback.

But Garoppolo isn’t happy with his sloppy sleeves.

“I’ve got to get the sleeves shortened up a little bit,” he says.

Garoppolo really was rocking Bradford’s signature style.

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Shanahan concedes that it’s not the greatest look.

“Yeah, that’s pretty weak, dude,” Shanahan says. “You lose all your swag.”

But it’s not Garoppolo’s fault. The equipment guys in San Francisco didn’t have enough time to tailor his jersey to fit him just right.

“I was like, ‘Do you guys cut these?’ And they were like, ‘No, next week,’” Garoppolo said.

The Niners aren’t rushing their new quarterback into action. C.J. Beathard will get the start against the Giants this week, but at least Garoppolo will be styling on the sideline.

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