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Russell Wilson and Doug Baldwin connected for a play of the year candidate vs. Cardinals

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This one’s going to be hard to top.

The Seahawks pulled off the most Seahawks play on Thursday Night Football against the Cardinals.

Russell Wilson spun around like a ballerina a few times to dodge Cardinals defenders and dropped a dime to Doug Baldwin who nearly got in the end zone for a touchdown.

The amazing part of the play is that Baldwin was initially a blocker on the play. Because Wilson extended the play with scrambling and a pump fake, Baldwin peeled off and then darted for the end zone.

The next play, Jimmy Graham came down with a beautiful touchdown grab to finish off the drive.

Nothing’s going to make up for the loss of Richard Sherman, but Seahawks fans can look at this as a bright spot and even a glimmer of hope, because the Seahawks are going to need to make plays like this if Sherman will be out for an extended period of time.