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The B-Sides: Stephen Curry’s fanny pack devotion, and 7 other reasons to love the NBA this week

Plus, congratulations to the Miles family, Lance Stephenson’s shoes, and a cool 76ers tradition.

Hi, hello, welcome to B Sides: Volume 6 of the 2017-18 NBA season. Last week was a special Thanksgiving edition — if you missed it, I’m still thankful for everything on this list.

Meanwhile in the NBA, LeBron James is still the greatest basketball player on the planet, Dwight Howard may actually be back, and the wheels are falling off in OKC.

But put all of that to the side because I have seven bonus tracks for you to love in the NBA this week.

1. C.J. Miles’ reaction to the birth of his daughter!

Lauren and C.J. Miles had their baby on Thanksgiving Day. What a perfect thing to be thankful for. They’re easily my favorite basketball couple. They named their dogs Shaq and Penny!

Now we have baby Miles, and I am so extremely excited. First there was this. Just look at this picture:

Then there was this tweet while he missed a game to be with the family. Just look at that hashtag!

But really, all the credit to Lauren here. Congrats!

2. Steph Curry wearing the fanny pack everywhere

If you haven’t heard, Steph Curry lost a bet to JaVale McGee. Nevada (where McGee went to school) beat Davidson (where Curry went to school), and now Steph has to wear a fanny pack to at least three games.

Steph has been holding up his end of the bet:

Back in the Bay. time for @iclark21 aka Yan...congrats bro!

A post shared by Wardell Curry (@stephencurry30) on

But he even wore it on what appears to be a date night with Ayesha. That seems like a lot to me. Either way, proud of Steph for being a good sport. Also, where do I purchase this fanny pack?

3. Nike’s Statement jerseys

The rollout of the Nike’s Statement jerseys has begun around the NBA. I don’t care what Celtics fans say. The new black jersey is nice, and you should accept change.

You can scroll through for some of my other favorites, which include Cleveland, Indiana, and OKC.

4. Klay Thompson stanning for BodyArmor so hard

Klay Thompson is BodyArmor athlete. BodyArmor is a sports drink that is very much not Gatorade. So here is Thompson having no time for a Gatorade bottle:

Klay outta nowhere. (via @knbr)

A post shared by House of Highlights (@houseofhighlights) on

Stay loyal.

5. Lance Stephenson’s in-game shoe choices

Lance Stephenson and AND1 are no longer a partner, which is kind of sad given AND1 is the perfect brand for him.

Regardless, his shoe deal freedom has given us some ridiculous choices this season:

6. This Sixers honoring “Strong Kids of the Game” this season

All season long, the Sixers have been running a program called “Strong Kid of the Game,” which celebrates kids who have overcome obstacles in their lives. Take Shane, for example:

And Sienna:

And Jaden!

I love this so much. Great Job, Sixers.

7. Isaiah Thomas had another perfect T-shirt

IT has been on B-Sides T-shirt watch, and folks, we have another winner. He broke out this Allen Iverson classic while the Celtics were in Philly:

Thomas has always been a huge Iverson fan. This video of Thomas getting a jersey signed by him is one of my favorites.

My favorite James Harden photo of the week

He never lets me down:

Houston Rockets v Phoenix Suns Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

The B-Sides: Reasons to love the NBA this week