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Todd Gurley says the Rams don’t have time for your fancy TD celebrations

They score so dang much, they can’t be bothered to dance every time.

NFL: Los Angeles Rams at Minnesota Vikings Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

The Rams haven’t had any trouble getting into the end zone this season. They score so often, in fact, that they just don’t have time for some elaborate celebration every single time.

At least that’s what running back Todd Gurley had to say about it:

It’s too bad Gurley’s not interested in celebrating. He’s had ample opportunity. Gurley has eight rushing touchdowns this season, which ties him at the top of the league with Mark Ingram of the Saints.

The Rams are averaging 29.9 points per game, which puts them second in the NFL behind only the Eagles. But the Eagles don’t share Gurley’s mindset about celebrations. They’ve had some well-choreographed and creative ones this year, including the Electric Slide:

They actually did it twice:

The Rams did give us one celebration of note this year, though. It was an homage to The Lion King:

The Rams have a showdown with the Eagles coming up in Week 14. The Eagles will probably have some celebrations ready to go. But don’t expect anything fancy from Gurley and the Rams.