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Dak Prescott and Dez Bryant never quite connected. Maybe that's finally changing

Dak Prescott says it’s obvious he and Dez Bryant haven’t been connecting, but he’s optimistic they’re getting things right.

NFL: Washington Redskins at Dallas Cowboys
Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

The Dallas Cowboys snapped a three-game losing streak with a 38-14 win over Washington on Thursday Night Football. Leading the way for the Cowboys in the win was some much-needed offensive production and a few big plays from the duo of Dak Prescott and Dez Bryant.

Dallas was held under 10 points in three straight games for the first time in franchise history in the three games prior, but finally exploded with three touchdowns in the fourth quarter alone.

One of those touchdowns came with Bryant grabbing a touchdown pass that pushed him ahead of Bob Hayes for the Cowboys franchise record for receiving touchdowns. It was a career milestone for Bryant, but it was just the first touchdown for the receiver since Week 7.

Bryant once caught 41 touchdowns over a three-year span with the Cowboys, but he has just five in 2017 and has struggled to look like his previously dominant self since Dak Prescott took over at quarterback.

Prescott inherited the starting job for the Cowboys in 2016, a year after a foot injury already caused a decline in production for Bryant in 2015. The receiver also suffered a knee injury in Prescott’s rookie year.

But the connection between the two has never been as strong as the one between Bryant and Tony Romo. Prescott is still hopeful that can change.

“It’s kind of obvious that we weren’t connecting, so we continue to work on it day in and day out in practice,” Prescott said in his postgame press conference. “I should’ve gave him a better throw right there at the end and he might have two touchdowns. So it’s not perfect, it’s not where we want to be, but we’re getting there.”

The second touchdown chance that Prescott mentioned resulted in a pass interference that set up a touchdown for Alfred Morris:

That throw looked pretty similar to the touchdown pass earlier in the quarter:

It has been more than a calendar year since Bryant finished a game with more than 100 receiving yards. Prescott is correct that the connection between he and Bryant is far from perfect, but back shoulder throws like that created positive outcomes for the Cowboys on Thursday night. It also could be a sign that the pair are getting things back on track.