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Bears need to beat 49ers to get DE Akiem Hicks' mom off his back

Moms just want what’s best for their sons. Another 3-13 finish for Chicago surely doesn’t fit into that category.

NFL: Minnesota Vikings at Chicago Bears Patrick Gorski-USA TODAY Sports

The Bears have won just three games this season, and John Fox and Ryan Pace’s seats are getting kind of toasty. Players are frustrated. And defensive end Akiem Hicks has an even better reason for needing the Bears to beat the 49ers this week.

He needs to get his mom to stop hassling him about all the losses.

Hicks has been a little banged up with knee and ankle issues, but he’s been able to take the field. That’s a good thing for Chicago. Hicks leads the Bears in sacks right now with seven.

The Bears have an opportunity this Sunday at home against the 1-10 49ers, who are starting a new quarterback. Jimmy Garoppolo may get a very personal introduction to Hicks in his first start for San Francisco.

The Bears have lost their last three in a row and are fresh off of a 31-3 drubbing from the Philadelphia Eagles. Maybe for Hicks’ sake — and his mom’s — they’ll get it together this week against the 49ers.