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The Colts and Bills played in a snow-filled game that needed almost all of OT to complete

The game hadn’t even started!

The Indianapolis Colts and Buffalo Bills played in plenty of snow on Sunday, and it made for the most visually appealing game of the afternoon.

Before the game even kicked off, the field was already covered in a thin but nice blanket of snow:

100% chance of football weather in Buffalo.

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It’s a good thing the Bills wore red today. The Colts however, are wearing white and will probably be hoping that the snow subsides for better vision.

The visibility wasn’t good for anybody involved prior to kickoff.

Members of the media showed what they were looking at for the afternoon, and it was pretty much just.... snow.

The snowfall would continue, and create nightmare conditions for the players throughout the game. Only when the game was in overtime was visibility better, but by then, the field had a thick coating of snow on it.

Nothing came easy for the players.

Just ask Adam Vinatieri about the conditions, a typically reliable kicker who couldn’t knock through a 33-yard field goal.

It made for some beautiful scenery, though.

When a live ball is on the ground things are getting REALLY fun.

Dancing in the snow is good, too.

Despite the snow, the game would go on, and actually be good.

The Bills actually scored a touchdown, after Kelvin Benjamin came down with a touchdown reception. Neither the Colts or Bills are known as offensive machines, so to see points was promising.

The Colts would also end up getting on the scoreboard with 1:20 left in the fourth quarter after Jack Doyle caught a touchdown pass from Jacoby Brissett from three yards out. The Colts were initially going for two, but ended up kicking a field goal after their successful attempt was foiled by an offensive pass interference.

LeSean McCoy sealed it in overtime to avoid the tie.

The game was looking like it was destined for overtime, but the Bills were able to get moving on offense, and Shady finished the deal:

Snow angel celebrations were a must:

This game wasn’t exactly attention-grabbing on its own leading up to it, especially since Nathan Peterman started over an injured Tyrod Taylor (he would later get hurt himself).

So it was nice to have the snow around, even if it only slightly held our attention. Little did we know it would be one of the better finishes of the afternoon.

The Bills and Colts playing in snow was so much fun