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You don’t love anything as much as Bills fans love their team, plus 5 things we loved from Week 14

Carson Wentz left it all out on the field, Eli Manning got his job back, and Josh Gordon is still amazing.

Indianapolis Colts v Buffalo Bills Photo by Brett Carlsen/Getty Images

Love can be measured in many different ways. If you could possibly put it on a scale, having the love that Buffalo Bills fans have toward their team might just be at the top of it.

For one, Nathan Peterman was starting. After his disaster of a first half against the Chargers in Week 11 when he threw five interceptions on 14 pass attempts, that’s enough to not want to see the Bills. But people sat through a blizzard on Sunday to watch him start, and then Joe Webb after Peterman got hurt.

Seriously, think about that. Thousands of people in Buffalo woke up and said they were going to sit at New Era Field to watch Peterman vs. a bad Colts team led by Jacoby Brissett in this shit:

That’s love.

Other than the fans being amazing for even going to the game, the scenes from this game were incredible. This was that game that your Old Man and Your Old Man’s Old Man talk about being the best type of football. It’s the kind they played back in the day, as if it snowed from August until February every day — what a concept.

Anyway, look how pretty this is:

The game nearly ended in a tie, but LeSean McCoy put everyone out of their cold misery with this dash through the snow:

Salute to you all, Bills fans. I hope you are all able to enjoy a Super Bowl in your lifetimes. That is of course — assuming it doesn’t come against my team.

The Bills and Colts playing in snow was so much fun to watch

Here’s what else we loved in Week 14.

Carson Wentz gave it everything he had

Wentz suffered a knee injury on Sunday in the Eagles’ game against the Rams; a game that that lived up to the hype. It felt like a playoff game. (That sounds so weird saying that about the Rams, considering where we were a year ago).

Wentz appeared to injure his knee on a 2-yard touchdown scramble late in the third quarter that ended up not counting. He then stayed on the field for four more plays. Two were handoffs, a third was an incompletion, and the fourth was this spectacular catch by Alshon Jeffery:

As of the publishing of this post, we don’t know the extent of Wentz’s injury. No matter what it is, we shouldn’t be surprised that he stuck in there and was able to finish in that manner. He’s had one hell of a season and proved why the Eagles selected him with the No. 2 overall pick in 2016.


I like laughing at a good Eli Manning Face meme as much as the next person, but the Giants’ now-fired coaching regime did him wrong by benching him. I mean, they made the dude cry!

When he took the field Sunday for the first time since being benched, the fans at MetLife Stadium gave Manning a nice ovation:

The Giants are still going to be bad, but you can’t help but feel good for Manning. He gets to finish out his Giants tenure on his terms, where he’ll almost assuredly be out at the end of the season.

Can’t wait to watch him play behind that Jaguars defense, with Leonard Fournette, and slang the pill to Allen Robinson, Allen Hurns, and Marqise Lee.

The Browns were the Browns, but Josh Gordon was Josh Gordon

Josh Gordon played in his first game last week and had a solid performance with four catches for 85 yards. He expanded on that this week with three receptions for 69 nice yards and a touchdown — his first in four years.

Gordon took part in the Browns’ newest tradition — touchdown “deal with it” sunglasses:

It’s happening, ladies and gentlemen. The Browns are still ass, but they are possibly on their way to turning this thing around. Imagine an offense with a No. 1 overall pick after this season with Josh Gordon and a healthy Corey Coleman at his disposal and a defense led by Myles Garrett and other promising young talent.

Or, they could blow all that promise and still be the Browns. Who knows? I’m just glad Gordon is back and still better than most receivers even after having multiple seasons off.


You already know that this celebration was going to be in this post. The Eagles executed a perfect Flying V against the Rams, and we honestly should have seen this one coming:

The Flying V, of course, is inspired by the Mighty Ducks:

If you haven’t seen those movies, find a way to get that done. D2 is the best in that series, and it’s not close.

The Steelers honored Ryan Shazier in different ways

Linebacker Ryan Shazier suffered a frightening injury last week against the Cincinnati Bengals and has understandably been the Steelers’ main concern since he went down.

He returned to Pittsburgh last week and underwent spinal stabilization surgery, after making what looked like a routine tackle. But his teammates have made sure that it feels like he’s still around and have paid tribute to him in a variety of demonstrations.

Corey Pane, who is a friend of Antonio Brown’s and the artist who makes his cleats, expanded his reach and made cleats for a handful of Steelers players to honor Shazier:

Along with the cleats, the team had Shazier’s jersey on the sideline for their game against the Ravens:

And James Harrison did his warm-up without a shirt on, as Shazier does every game, despite what the temperature might be:

The timetable for his return is still uncertain, but we all hope that Shazier will be able to make a full recovery.


Sunday scores

Bills 13, Colts 7 (OT)

Packers 27, Browns 21 (OT)

Jaguars 30, Seahawks 24

Bears 33, Bengals 7

Chiefs 26, Raiders 15

Cowboys 30, Giants 10

Lions 24, Buccaneers 21

Panthers 31, Vikings 24

49ers 26, Texans 16

Broncos 23, Jets 0

Cardinals 12, Titans 7

Chargers 30, Washington 13

Eagles 43, Rams 35

Steelers 39, Ravens 38

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