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Pacers fans are booing Paul George every time he touches the ball

Probably could have seen this one coming.

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Paul George forced his way out of Indiana over the summer, and in his first game as an opponent back at Bankers Life Fieldhouse, Pacers fans let him know they don’t miss him much at all.

They’re showering him with boos (not booze) every time he touched the ball.

This is happening every single time he touches the ball.

Pacers owner Herb Simon told the Indy Star he “will applaud him and clap him and thank him for the years and service that [George] gave to the team,” on Wednesday, but obviously, fans have no such memory. They only recall the day he told Indiana management his future did not include the Pacers.

It’s only the first quarter now, and Pacers fans haven’t stopping booing George at all. And if they keep this up for four quarters, it could be a long night in Indiana for their ex-star.