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Auburn hasn't faced UCF speed in the SEC, says UCF's running back

The Knights are fast, though the SEC’s fast too.

NCAA Football: Central Florida at Southern Methodist Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

“SEC football, they don’t have a lot of speed, honestly.”

That’s UCF running back Adrian Killins Jr. talking about Auburn, ahead of the Knights’ Peach Bowl game against the Tigers on New Year’s Day (12:30 p.m. ET, ESPN).

“Auburn hasn’t seen any speed like we have here,” Killins went on. “So I would say they’re in for a rude awakening, because UCF football, we’re UCF fast and UCF fierce. Defense is gonna put 11 hats to the ball fast and furious, and offense, we’ve got a lot of guys that can go up and get the ball and make you miss and make big plays.”

Killins’ comment is notable a) because this is a big game, and b) because “SEC speed” has been a conversation topic ever since Florida and LSU beat Ohio State in back-to-back national title games to end the 2006 and 2007 seasons. (Florida’s win was an absolute boat-racing, filled with the Gators running all over the Buckeyes.)

Auburn went 2-2 against Playoff teams this year, so the Tigers have seen speed. But there’s nothing wrong with a little confidence on the eve of a program’s biggest game in years, as UCF tries to wrap a 13-0 season. Killins is one of the Knights’ fastest and most efficient runners, with 928 scrimmage yards and 11 touchdowns. He’s the No. 1 running back on the depth chart for outgoing head coach Scott Frost.

If you’ve only tuned in periodically to watch UCF this year, you might know Killins as the running back who was injured in a game at Navy when he collided with the feeding bucket for Navy’s live goat mascot.

Killins was fortunately able to return to the game.