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Colts TE Brandon Williams released from hospital after scary injury on ‘Thursday Night Football’

Williams was on the field for several minutes and taken to a local hospital. He was diagnosed with a concussion.

Indianapolis Colts tight end Brandon Williams was carted off the field with a head injury after blocking on a special teams play.

Many Colts players walked up to Williams as he was being carted off the field to show support.

Williams would be taken to the hospital as a result of the hit, but had movement in his limbs. He was officially ruled out by the Colts. The team later announced that the stretcher was precautionary.

The Colts tweeted the following shortly after he left the game:

But that would soon turn better, as things were looking up for Williams:

He would later be released from the hospital, and “doing well.”

When Williams was at Oregon, he had a pair of stingers in his neck.

Then, in the spring game, he laid on the turf after a lineman fell on his head. When he stood up, his knees buckled, according to OregonLive.

It was discovered that Williams had spinal stenosis, which is a narrowing of the spinal column.

“You could have chopped off two of his limbs and you wouldn't have gotten a more painful reaction from him,” his mom, Tanya Williams, said via OregonLive. “It was absolute pure devastation.”

Coming into Thursday’s game, Williams had 13 receptions for 121 yards. Prior to his time with the Colts, Williams spent time with the Panthers, Dolphins, and Seahawks.